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WaterDoctor software is a sell and service CRM for RO water business and technical srvice provider specially design by RAVINFOTECH . RAV Infotech is a young ,dynamic and techno-driven , rapidly growing company.

WaterDoctor CRM is totally cloud base independent solution which gives alternative benefits and rights of working from everywhere..!!

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Discover the Pure Drinking Water

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Discover the Pure Drinking Water

Why Choose Water Doctor
Inventory Management
Product management,   Manufacture management
Customer Care
The complaint, Customer feedback, Notification and reminder via text messages and emails
Technician Management
Route management, Report and analysis, Task management automation
Customer Management
Customer record management, Sales management, EMI facality management
RO Water Service
Service, AMC contract management, Print management
Reminder & Reports
Reminder: Service due, Payment due, Product replacement

Reports: Customer history, Payment recovery report

Discover the Pure Drinking Water

Purification Technology
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Sales Analysis

Technician Management

Inventory management

Sms & Email Notification

AMC & Service due remainder facility

Years Industry
Happy Customers
Complain Resolved
Drinking absolutely pure water has turned into a daily enjoyment for us. Technology, utility, operation, quality, post-purchase services, from every angle Water Doctor is unmatched. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service you provided…the company and customers are certainly in good hands.
Grand PlazaOur Customer
Our management cannot compromise with the health of staff and students, as they are our precious assets. The availability of pure and safe water is indispensable for the health of employees and the overall health of any organization and Water Doctor is all set to provide the best benefits.
Bishop House Church LaneOur Customer
A note to let you know that the Water Doctor service is very well. I was reminded what a blessing it is, again, when our medical team said the incidence of typhoid fever was much less this year than last and attributed that, at least in part, to the fact that we were drinking pure water my students are happy.
Happy Public SchoolOur Customer
We are amazed to see the innovative water purifier range of Water Doctor
is sufficient for any organization to ensure the class and credibility of a water purifier to install for its employees. We cannot believe other purifiers after using Water Doctor service due to its best cost, and quality.
Raksha BhawanOur Customer

Discover the Pure Drinking Water

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Discover the Pure Drinking Water

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